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Oh, dearest, darling Dee.

There are so many things I have written in my head: poems and stories and picture posts but when I try to translate them on paper I freeze and can't make it work. Instead I will just tell you a bit of why I think you are so very much the Bee's Knees.

* When we met, I was in total raging lunatic fangirl mode and despite this you still invited me back to your apartment where I got to sit on your comfy, comfy beanbag chair and enable the obsession. He's just so pretty!

* When I lived in NY, seeing you when I was in Chicago was a total highlight. And you always came to the City which, even if it was easy, was a huge effort and spending a few hours with you chatting about life, liberty and the pursuit of getting into Christian Kane's pants (or the Marsters (er, that would be me). Or Mr. Wellings) and fandom and everything under the sun was so excellent (and continues to be).

* You got my mother a Grammar text book. She loves you. Whenever I talk about seeing someone from lj she immediately asks if it's you. Even when I'm in NY.

* You have a Unicorn clock that I think might be magical. Or evil. Definitely hypnotic.

* Along those lines, you have excellent taste in the tasteless. I respect that.

* When I was fired this past Summer, you rallied the troupes and got me (slightly more than slightly) drunk on margaritas and filled me with Mexican food. Two of my favorite things. What's more, you introduced me to some really wonderful people. So thank you for that.

* You died the devil part of the deviled eggs red. I can't exactly remember why, but I respect the devotion to the red eggs and they were very delicious. And left me feeling slightly evil. Huh . . .

* You skipped with Danny Strong and I can not tell you how much joy the thought of that brings me. It is possible that it was the worst skipping experience of your life and every time you've tried to say as much I have just ignored you, but wow do I just think of that and grin.

* François! Because when you are down and out, being flirted with by a dinosaur in French cuffs is *exactly* what is needed.

* You are a genuine and kind person. I can't imagine you have a mean bone in your body. Finding kind people seems to be something of a challenge and so I cherish them when I find them. How lucky that I know you.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my friend, Dee. You are such a gift.

Oct. 20th, 2006

Erm, so its like this. I have absolutely NO recollection of when exactly I met Dee. No, really. I don't. Such is the power of her evol. Do you know she has no reflection? Yup.

But even though she is the one who introduced Janstando to my life, I love her anyways. I've got no coolpics or music to give, but I've got a gift for Dee that will truly sicken her and I'm sure she will share it with the rest of y'all. Its THAT BAD...yet that AMAZING. I'll get you back for that Ricky Martin lunchbox that I had to carry around to bars in Old Town all night one of these days my pretty tall one.



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